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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I feel the same way Ruby

Kent had to work on i had to get the kids ready for church all by myself.

(sometimes it's harder than you would think)

I even had a few minutes to snap a picture........but i felt the same way ruby looked in this picture....

ready for a nap :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011 has been a while!

We are long overdue for an has been over a year and things around here have definitely changed!!

The biggest change is...... Ruby Jane was born on Oct 19, 2010

Look at those big blue eyes....gorgeous!!

........and she turned ONE!!

She is so much fun! She is getting 4 more teeth....making a total of 12 - no wonder we have had lots of sleepless nights lately. She started walking when she was 9 1/2 months...and has never looked back! She is a mini Jaxon through and through....She looks just like him and acts like him too! She is taking swimming lessons & has done great. She floats on her back, turns over at the wall, can 'pancake' in the water. She blows bubbles and is doing wonderful.

......basically she is 22 lbs of perfection.

Jaxon & Millie both had birthdays...twice. They are now 7 & 4. Really where has the time gone. It only seems like yesterday that i was bringing home my first little bundle of joy and here we are now with 3!!

We moved....twice. We are in American Fork and loving our little neighbourhood. When we were looking for a place, i drove into the cul-de-sac and i just knew that it was the place we needed to move...and it was...everything here is just what our family needs.

Jaxon is now in first grade

Jax all ready for his first day of 1st grade

Going to sit with his class...he is getting so big !

His school on the first day ..all the teachers were outside cheering for the kids as they walked in.

He is working really hard. He has struggled with his reading but has grown leaps and bounds since school started and is now on a reading level 5 (it was a 0 when school started)..which we are so happy about..Both his teacher & his school are Amazing. Within the first week of school his teacher knew he needed help and he was put into a little program where he goes and has 30 minutes of one on one time with a reading teacher everyday. It was definitely an answer to a prayer that he didn't slip through the cracks. He works hard and it is paying off. We are so proud of him!!
He loves to play...Baseball (his first true love), basketball, football, riding his bike, jumping/ playing dodge ball on the tramp, skateboarding, rip stick, scooter, swimming...he would play out from sunrise to sunset if i let him...and some days he does!

Jaxon played baseball this summer....and fell in love with it all over again.
He wants to play baseball for BYU when he gets older...i hope he does!

Millie is a little firecracker!

Never a dull moment with her around...that is for sure! She is a great sister to Ruby, always trying to help her & she loves Jaxon to death! She loves to play...dressing up, wearing my high heels, carrying a purse, pushing a stroller around, caring for her babies, playing with her kitchen. She loves to paint her nails, put lipstick on, she HATES having her hair done, requires A LOT of sleep...lately as we are driving in the car i can hear her having a full on conversation with her "friends" or pretending she is driving her kids around, or shopping at the store, her imagination is coming to life and i LOVE it. She likes to do her homework when Jax does his....mostly it is scribbles on a piece of paper but she is proud of it. She knows how to spell her name and can't wait to go to school with all the other kids in the neighborhood! ....and she just got bangs :)

It has almost been a year since we sold our house that we moved into a week after we got married...that was one of the hardest things we have had to do, but we knew it was the right thing for our family. Kent has been at his new job for almost a year and that was a blessing for us. Although he has a long commute 4 days a week (80 miles one way) he loves his job and we are thankful that he works so hard to provide for us and so i can stay home with the kids....He is the LOVE of my life.

I love my kids so much....sometimes as i am watching them eyes fill up with tears and i have to catch my breath....because they take it away! xx

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We went bowling over at the new Jack & Jills in Lehi with our friends Leann, Ryder & Bridger. The kids had been wanting to go for a while and they had lots of fun!
Millie was such a big girl and insisted on doing it all by herself, even carrying the ball.

Jax though it was so fun and keeps asking to go back!

Help me!

How do i get it so that it shows on the side when people have updated their blog??? It drives me nuts that i can't just see it!

Baby Caleb

In March Kent's sister, Rachel, had her first baby. We were all so excited - the kids couldn't wait to go see him in the hospital. This is their first cousin on Kent's side of the family.
The kids love him so much and love to take turns pretending to be baby Caleb! He is now 6 months old and still as cute as ever. Kent loves to call him Chunky Monkey - but he is the only one that is allowed to call him that - everyone else gets in trouble!! Great job Rachel - we LOVE Caleb!

Swim Lessons

We decided that this summer we would put Jaxon in Swim lessons at the legacy center. He took and passed three levels - Preschool level 1,2&3. He did really well and we saw some big improvements at the end of the summer. He look forward to going Almost everyday! Millie really wanted to go, but i really didn't feel like doing the mom & me class with a big old prego belly, so next year she will get to go!
Showing us some tricks in the water ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


At the beginning of summer, Jax really wanted to ride his dirt bike - so i went out into the backyard to let him ride around for a little bit - like we have done a thousand times before! He is a good little rider and i didn't think anything of it. I was sat on the stairs watching him go round and round. Millie started crying and needed some help on the tramp, so i got up to go help her. Jax must have looked over to see where i was going, just as he was supposed to turn.....all of a sudden i heard the loudest crash and saw all this smoke coming from the window well - he drove straight into the window well, the bike was halfway through the window and i have never been so scared in all my life. I ran over and up he jumped, screaming so loud - i didn't want to look in case he was cut open in a major way, but luckily he only had a little scrap on his knee!! He was so lucky! Once we got him changed and he calmed down - he was ok, but he still wont ride his bike in the back yard -he always wants to go to the big field behind our house, but i can't blame him! I am so glad that he always wears his helmet, gloves, goggles etc - i definitely think that protected him!
After we got the bike out of the window...

Making sure the bike still worked!